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Don't get hungry during your flight, take a look to our menu in pdf.

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Volot Menu Bakery 356Px Volot Menu Bakery 356Px

From the bakery

Delicious croissants, muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

savoury-snacks-image@3x.jpg savoury-snacks-image@3x.jpg

The savoury board

Tasty snacks: crisps, almonds, hummus and olives.

Volot Menu Brownie 356Px Volot Menu Brownie 356Px

Sweet stash

Rich chocolate snacks, Snickers or cookies, and cereal bars.

Volotea Menu Whisky And Vodka Volotea Menu Whisky And Vodka

The drinks cabinet

Whisky, gin or vodka to enjoy with a snack.

soft-drinks-image@3x.jpg soft-drinks-image@3x.jpg

From the cooler

Refreshing orange or apple juice, still or sparkling water or Coca-Cola.

hot-drinks-image@3x.jpg hot-drinks-image@3x.jpg

From the café

Choose from espresso, cappuccino or hot chocolate, or a selection of teas.

You can also book your meal on-line

Add your meal during the on-line booking or check-in process. The option you choose will appear on your boarding pass so you can show it to the crew either printed out or on your mobile phone and have your food served on board.

Download the Volotea menu
Download menu in pdf

We may not always have your preferred option in stock due to limited on-board capacity and the availability of certain brands depending on the flight's departure point. Our crew will be happy to suggest alternatives to you. We appreciate your understanding should we be unable to serve all passengers due to limited flight time. Alcoholic beverages will only be sold to passengers over the age of 18. The crew will refuse to serve alcohol to passengers who show signs of drunkenness or who could bother other travellers.